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Here are some of the services we offer- see more below


With over 50 years of experience designing, fabricating and installing custom sheet metal products, we look forward to serving you.

Noddle Sheet Metal & Mechanical employs only licensed and certified tradesmen and maintains the only fully-licensed custom fabrication shop in the area.

This allows us to offer super quick turn around times and quality products.

Order today, out the door tomorrow.*

Some services we offer are:

    • HVAC

    • Furnaces / Air Handling Systems

    • Heat Pumps/ Air Conditioners

    • Kitchen Exhaust Systems

    • Dust Collection Systems

    • In-Floor Heating

    • Gas Piping

    • Gas /Propane Fixtures and Appliances

    • HRVs

    • Air Conditioners

    • Fireplaces

    • Removal of old Oil Appliances

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